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Our Services

Our business centers around the development of custom electrical controls and transducers for use in your system. We work alongside the customer to assess their current industry need, and design a custom solution capable of meeting this. Whether a new product idea you don't have the time or resources to dedicate to realizing, or a need to replace an old, bulky, or costly (often all three) control which is eating your bottom line, WRD has the experience and dedication to make your needs a reality.

We offer electronic design consulting services, product development, and production capability, so you can focus on making sure your new custom product finds as many customers as possible.

See below for more information as to which services and industries we specialize in. Don't see your industry there? WRD's ever expanding skill set means we likely still have what you need, so contact us today!

Services: Our Services
electric motors (AC servo motor, DC brus

Motion Control

Control of motors is complicated,  and often requires sophisticated design to get right. Rather than rely on expensive and bloated off-the-shelf PLC's, WRD uses years of design experience to design effective, cost efficient controls, which provide a much cheaper and leaner solution to this common problem.  From series wound to BLDC, WRD has what it takes to get you moving.

Digital Stove

Induction Heating and Temperature Control

Playing with fire is no joke. We at WRD know that when dealing with heating and temperature controls, any flaw has the potential to cause catastrophic failures, and put human life at risk. That's why our designs are tested and proven to be safe time after time, with the precision control you need to keep up with your competitors.

Pressure Testing

Torque, Pressure, Strain, and Force Instrumentation

Precision is our middle name here at WRD. When it comes to designing accurate transduction instruments for crucial applications in military and aerospace, we know how to design to excel. 

Hospital Bed

Medical Grade Devices and Instruments

In the industry of medical devices, meeting the ever growing and ever changing landscape of standards can be tough. That's why our engineering team is always on top of what's required to make your designs meet them. With robust and reliable electronics, designed to meet world standards in safety, WRD helps you get to market as fast as possible.

Packages on Shelves

Packaging Control Design

The design of efficient and effective packaging controls is something WRD is highly experienced with. Insuring the reliability of these machines to meet the demand of an ever accelerating economy means designing for robustness. By using a WRD control in your design, you can know that your system will be ready to keep the world running.


Housing and User Interface Development

Along with developing custom hardware and firmware to fit your control needs, WRD is unique in also being able to tailor your UI/UX to the system we have designed for you. From tactile UI such as touch displays and keypads, to software GUI's, we can provide a streamlined and seamless interface to your custom control, eliminating the hassles of dealing with third party graphing tools, or the extra cost of hiring a software designer. Take, for example, the ruggedized housing pictured above, designed by us for industrial use.

Schematic 1.jpg


Ensuring your Safety

WRD is committed to ensuring that your designs not only function excellently, but that they also meet critical automotive, home appliance, industrial, or medical standards.


Many of our products are built to be RoHS compliant, and can meet standards such as IEC 60730, IEC 62304, and others, while our experience in meeting UL and CE certifications reduces time to market, and gets you going faster!

For more information about our design control and risk management processes, contact us today!

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